Poop Pick Up Service Anchorage

Scooper Trooper provides a variety of dog poop pick up services for every type situation.

Here’s a list of pickup service types we offer:

1. Residential Homes: Residential homes are a huge part of our dog poop pick up business. We service lawns, front and back yards, rocks and pea gravel, dog runs, patios, and child play areas.

2. Apartments and Condos: If you live in an apartment or a condominium, we can help you with your dog poop pickup. We have several ways to accommodate these smaller accounts, on an individual basis.

3. Parks: We clean child play areas, ball fields, off leash areas, and bike and nature trails. Please call us to schedule an appointment for an accurate estimate on our dog poop pickup service.

4. Businesses: We try to design as best we can a solution for any sort of business. Please call to schedule an appointment for an accurate estimate for your poop pickup needs.

We have been proudly servicing yards and kennels throughout the entire Anchorage and Eagle River area since 2003.

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