Winter Service Facts

Fact 1: If it snows enough to cover waste on your scheduled day of service, or the night before, we usually cancel your service for that particular day because we can’t pick up the waste if we can’t see it.

Fact 2: If we have to cancel service due to snow, we credit your account for that week (a.k.a. ‘snow-credits’). Any credits will  be kept in your account and used towards extra cleaning in the Spring.

Fact 3: When the temperature rises and the snow melts, we pick up the extra waste from the weeks that we had to cancel. This costs us extra time and therefore you will see ‘overtime’ charges on your invoice.

Fact 4: Extra charges on your invoices will be balanced against snow-credits accumulated on your account.

Specials for pet waste removal

Fact 5: While overtime charges usually occur in the Spring, they can also be incurred during extra-warm periods over the Winter. Also, customers starting service mid-Winter may not accrue enough credits to cover all Spring cleaning.

Fact 6: You can reach our office at 677-7473 if you have any questions.